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Dr Scott Vatcher

Meet Dr Scott Vatcher

Entrepreneur, business owner, health coach, chiropractor, international guest speaker, author for Mens Fitness magazine, podcaster…. and Dad.

Hi, I am the driving force behind the Wake Up Dad Movement and I am so excited that you have visited this page.

A little background about me. I am originally from Canada and grew up in a small town called Mt. Pearl in a place called Newfoundland. I had a good up-bringing and lots of great friends growing up. I went to University in my home town and completed an honours degree in Biochemistry.

From there I moved to Toronto to complete my Doctor of Chiropractic and literally the same week I graduated I moved to Australia. I have been here ever since, living on the Gold Coast.

I own a thriving Wellness Based practice and help 100’s of people to better health every week. In my 13 years as a chiropractor I have continued my education about health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, finances, entrepreneurship and many other interesting topics.

I am also the father of my beautiful daughter Aurora who is 6 at the time of writing this. She is a handful and a force to be reckoned with to say the least!

I have seen so many Dads, either friends, co-workers, or clients, loose themselves when becoming a Dad (including myself) that I felt the NEED to start a movement life Wake Up Dad. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t have it all figured out, not even close. I feel like I have enough knowledge to get this ball rolling and see where it takes all of us as Dads.

Hi, I am the founder of the and am grateful to have joined my good friend and classmate from Chiropractic college, Dr. Scott as cohost in the production of the Wake up Dad Show.

I was born and raised in a small town called Lakefield just North of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  My parents divorced at the age of 7 and I lived with my Mom and older sister until turning 13 at which time I decided to move in with my Dad.  At the age of 15 my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and two years later he died, he was only 45.

My Mom had moved away from Lakefield so I boarded at a friends house for my last year of high school before moving to London, ON where I attended university for 3 years at the University of Western Ontario in London, ON.  I received early acceptance in 1998 to the Chiropractic college in Toronto, to follow my dream, which was to be a Chiropractor like my Dad.

Once completed Chiropractic College in 2002 and 2004 respectively my future wife and I built a Chiropractic practice in midtown Toronto, with a quarter of a million in student loans living out of her parents basement.  We were living on love and a relentless drive to succeed.

Alongside building the Chiropractic business ( we ventured into building residual income streams as we realized in our first two years we would never reach our financial goals as Chiropractors alone in Toronto.  In 2004 we started developing our real estate portfolio purchasing our first rental property, while we still lived in a basement apartment, however not in her parents basement anymore!  We also dabbled in 3 network marketing companies before discovering Isagenix, which we fell in love with and began to build as well.

In 2005 we got married in Costa Rica and started planning for our family, our goal being three children.  In Feb 2007 our first child, Liv was born.  Life got out of control really fast when we discovered two weeks later that Liv needed an open-heart life saving surgery.  The surgery was successful, but we lived in fear everyday after that for years.  In spite of this fear we went ahead and had our second child, Felix, 18 months later.  This is when I found myself in a very difficult place and I’d say the driving factor for being so passionate to help other Dads.  Two weeks before Felix was born we had moved into a trending area of Toronto, which we instantly fell in love with.  We had never experienced community and convenience like this before.  Suddenly I felt a massive responsibility to succeed in our businesses on top of carrying the extra costs of the new house and 2nd child.  It took several months but I gradually crumbled under the pressure.  In 2008-2009 I was working nearly every moment I could and when I wasn’t working I was thinking about the businesses or too exhausted or stressed to do anything at all.  I neglected myself, skipped meals, exercise and stayed up late to work on projects.  I stopped doing the things I enjoyed and my relationship with my wife lost intimacy, we were both tapped out.  Things came to a head when my immune system started to fail and I began to get major illnesses, twice being hospitalized and literally had my life saved both times as I was so weak and over taken.  I lost 25 lbs during that time and look gaunt and frail while I concurrently held onto a Vegan diet that I was doing incorrectly. Our dream of having a family of three seemed impossible and I had reoccurring thoughts that I was dying.  This is when I made some commitments to put me first and get my nutrition fully on track, build up my strength and focus more on building up the residual income businesses to replace my Chiropractic income.

That shift in focus into filling up my cup paid off and things turned around.  In 2011 at the age of 35 we had our third child Belle and at age 36 I retired from Chiropractic to be a stay at home Dad and home based business owner.  I have since developed amazing relationships with my wife and kids and built my body up to where it has never been before and actually competed in a physique compeitition placing third.   The journey isn’t over though as life is ever changing with new challenges especially as a Dad so I’m constantly learning and applying.

With my experience I’ve realized that most Dads need help just as I did.  I remember feeling totally alone and that was paralyzing to me.  I didn’t need to go so far down the rabbits hole had I known some of the things I know now.  I feel that the time has come that we as Dads help each other.   Our challenges are unique to any other time in history and if one Dad has a strategy that works in these times….well, lets get it out there to help us all!

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