In this episode Dr Evan Hill and I dive deep into the transformations he has created in his and his families lives. Evan completely changed his career path and has never looked back. I hope you enjoy this deep, real, and honest conversation.

Evan, now 39, built startup chiropractic business at age 26 with his future wife fresh out of chiropractic college in midtown Toronto. He pursued this business success for 10 years before retiring at age 36 as a result of replacing his income with residual income streams through network marketing and real estate. His main pursuit has always been to create freedom, be in excellent health, live on purpose and have strong, meaningful relationships with his family and friends. While working as a young Dad as a Chiropractor he struggled in silence constantly as he sacrificed all of these core values to make ends meet. Having retired from Chiropractic, his focus is now on his relationship with his wife and 3 kids ages 9,7,5 and the team of thousands he has built who are on a similar journey to health, freedom and meaningful purpose and relationships.

Resources: Robin Sharma’s 20-20-20 Morning Routine, Isagenix, and #globaldadmovement.

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